Part 9: Molly Sews My Pants

I was hit so hard with that volleyball that my pants split as I fell to the floor.

I’m actually really not sure if that is true. However, if so, it does lead to a good segue to the next story. Add to the fact that this particular story will be really short, and you’ll see that I need the above statement for nothing else than to simply inflate the word count. I’d like to embellish this story more with lots of details, but there really isn’t much to say. It’s more of just a memory and a simple scene that I remember more than anything else.

Molly D’Avy felt really bad about the whole spiking me with the volleyball incident, so she called me up and offered to sew up my pants for me. I always thought this was a very thoughtful gesture, so I let her do so. If she wouldn’t have done this, I would have been down a pair, which would have been bad since on my limited intern income, I couldn’t just go out and buy another.

This is just one of the reasons I still randomly walk up to her and say, “I appreciate you!”

A completely out-of-context picture.


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