Part 8: Molly Takes Her Shot

At least once a week I would head to the ULL Recreation Center. Usually I would meet up with students to play some volleyball. Other times I’d simply walk the track or get on an exercise bike or elliptical machine. Sometimes, however, when there were only a small number of us, we would decide to play a game of wallyball.

If memory serves correctly, on this particular day it was me, Ryan Borque, my life group co-leader Lance Dunn, and Molly D’Avy. Definitely too few people for a full volleyball game. We decided, then, to head over to the racquetball courts and play some wallyball.

Not us.

I really enjoyed this time each week. It was good to get out of the Chi Alpha house and/or the café and get some exercise. I was particularly proud of my volleyball skills. Some people called me the T-Rex of the Volleyball Court. I had obviously impressed them.

Ryan and I took one side of the court, Molly and Lance the other. I had the first serve. I tossed the ball in the air and smacked it with my open palm. It bounced off the side wall, and was quickly volleyed back.

Ryan dove to the floor, preventing the ball from hitting the ground. It bounced back to me, and I bumped it over the net.

That’s when things got hairy.

The ball flew in Molly’s direction. She bumped it towards Lance. Lance made the perfect set, the ball floating in the air for several seconds.

As the ball lingered in the air, I took my eye off it and glanced at Molly. I swear to this day that she made eye contact and winked at me.

She stepped toward the ball, timed her jump perfectly, and spiked it directly towards me.

It was then that I learned that being called the T-Rex of the Volleyball Court wasn’t actually a compliment.

My skills were second to none.

I did try my best to stop Molly’s shot that day, but I failed miserably. I wish I could say that things moved in slow motion. Perhaps if they had, I would have been saved from much pain and discomfort. As it is, however, I must admit that I began to feel the nausea before I realized what had happened. I glanced down just in time to see the volleyball bounce off my groin and to the floor. I then heard Ryan and Lance both groan in sympathy.

The game ended early that day. I don’t recall the final score, but all I know is, whatever team I was on certainly lost.


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