Part 10: Meeting the Parents

It was Easter weekend in 2006. One of the girls with the UL Chi Alpha group, Janna, invited the whole group to spend the day at her family’s camp off Lake Fausse Pointe, about an hour from campus. I rode out to the camp with Molly D’Avy and a couple other students.

It was a really great day. We ate some good food, went for a boat ride, and I watched as a bunch of knuckleheads swung on a rope swing into the bayou. When asked if I wanted a turn on the rope swing, I politely declined, stating that I grew up in Bayou Black and knew what was in that water.

After the day was over, we hopped back in Molly’s car and started heading back to town. We left a little early as we decided we also wanted to attend an Easter production at the local Assembly of God church in New Iberia. This was the home church for many of the students in our group so many of them would be there. Molly’s parents would also be attending.

Now, this camp out in Lake Fausse Pointe is located on Levee Road. This road is a gravel road with Bayou Chene and the Atchafalaya basin to the east, and absolutely nothing but Lake Fausse Pointe and a couple of camps to the west. In many places, there weren’t even camps. The road is pretty desolate. And, since it is a gravel road, it takes approximately forever to drive along it.

Levee Road

Somewhere along the road we heard a loud pop followed by a flapping noise. Molly, who was driving, asked if anyone knew what the sound was. I stated that I believed it to be a flat tire. She pulled over and we got out. Sure enough, the back passenger tire was toast.

Molly opened her trunk and we fished out the spare, jack, and lug wrench. I then got to work jacking up the car, removing the old tire, and putting on the spare. When I was done, we hopped back in the car and continued on our way to the church.

Once we arrived at the church, I was beginning to doubt my decision to come along. At this point I’d been outside all day watching people jump off rope swings. I’d laid down on a gravel road in the middle of a swamp to change a tire. I was tired and dirty and probably a bit cranky from the ridiculously long car ride.

Nevertheless, we got out the car and walked into the church. The students I was with began socializing and talking up the folks they knew. Some of the other students from our Chi Alpha group were also there. Molly saw her parents and went to begin talking to them. I remember trying to stay in the background and remaining silent, what with the being tired, dirty, and generally cranky. I remember Molly introducing me to her parents and I just smiled and nodded but don’t recall saying much if anything.

After the play was over we all returned to campus without much incident.

Two days later I was walking on campus and saw Molly’s sister Kelly.

Kelly stopped me and asked, “What happened this weekend?”

“I’m not sure. What do you mean?”

“You met my parents?”

“Oh, sure, I guess so. Molly introduced us at the church play in New Iberia.”

“What did you do?”

“What do you mean, ‘What did I do?’ I said hello and that was about it.”

“At Sunday lunch this weekend my mom was talking about you. She thinks you’re slow.”


“Slow, as in not the sharpest mentally!”

“How did…? Why would…? What?!?”

“Don’t worry, I stood up for you and told her you were really smart!”

“Thank you?”

“Molly didn’t say anything, though. I think she agrees with her.”


“Okay, I’ve got to go to class now. I’ll see you later.”


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