Part 5: The Daily Grind

Every morning the other interns and I reported to the café (this is what we called the main Chi Alpha building) about 8am. We would have a brief huddle in the hall with the rest of the staff and tell them what our tasks for the day were. We would then break and go our separate ways.

Each morning the coffee bar was also open, which was helpful for all those 24-year olds who felt 8am was entirely too early to start working. It just so happened that Molly D’Avy was the early morning barista who met us and filled our orders. Unfortunately, I didn’t (don’t) like coffee, but I was still tired. I examined the tea options and tried the Mango Ceylon Tea. The first morning I did this, Molly noticed I put in a couple packets of sugar after she handed it to me. The next morning, she told me it tasted better if you put the sugar in first, and then add the hot water. Every day after this she added sugar to the tea when I ordered without me having to ask.

I always thought that was very sweet and kind of her, though I’m sure she did it for all her customers.

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