Part 4: International Cajun Dancing

If I recall correctly, for the first month or so during my internship, every Friday was International Night. We would host a program for international students to teach them about American customs. I think we would also have events from time to time throughout the year, like around Thanksgiving or other holidays, to celebrate with them as well.

During one of the very first of these events, Zeke taught a Cajun dancing class. I had very mixed emotions about this one. I grew up going to a very conservative Christian school, at which dancing was basically seen as a sin. I had a very tough time getting into this particular event.

In addition, I also remembered Rule #4 from orientation: “never, ever, under any circumstances date any of the students now or forever!!!” I had no intention of even approaching the appearance of breaking that rule, so figured I’d sit this one out.

Zeke didn’t care. He told everyone to pair up and get ready for the dance. I tried to sneak out the back, but he caught me and made me participate. I went back in the room and did a quick head count. I saw that there was an odd number of people in the room and thought – well good, I can just stand to the side and after everyone pairs off I’ll be the odd guy out!

This was a great strategy! Or so I thought.

Molly was working the coffee bar that night. The coffee bar was located in the other part of the building, but with a clear line of sight to what was happening in the activity room.

Once everyone was paired off, I felt a sigh of relief and headed toward the side wall. But then, from the corner of my eye, I saw someone walking up to me. I turned and it was Molly. She told me she felt sorry for me so she would be my partner. I tried to tell her it wasn’t necessary, but she replied that she didn’t need me leaving with another chip on my shoulder.


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