Part 6: My First Facebook Wall Post

Within a few weeks of arriving in Lafayette, I was struck at how different the student culture had changed in just the few months since I graduated college. Over the summer, a brand-new Internet sensation had sprung up and all the students at UL were enamored with it. It was TheFacebook.

I had heard rumblings of it while I was at Nicholls. Apparently, some of the Ivy League schools and other major colleges had this website where the students could all “poke” each other or some such nonsense. Since I had my own website, blog, and MySpace, I couldn’t see that it was anything I would ever be interested in.

Then I got to Lafayette, and I was the odd guy out.

Eventually I created my own account. But I had absolutely no idea what to do with it. I sent out a few friend requests to some of our students and really left it at that.

One morning I got to the café and ordered my Mango Ceylon tea. I sat down at the computer and checked my email. One of these was from TheFacebook. Apparently, it wanted to let me know that someone had written on my wall. I looked to my left at said wall, but there was no writing on it. Apparently, this was a virtual wall of some sort. I logged in to TheFacebook to figure this out once and for all. When I logged on, this is what I saw (please note I took this screen shot recently, the names were different back then):


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