Part 13: Molly Comes for a Visit

As I traveled down Highway 90 west towards Houma, my internship was figuratively in my rear-view mirror. I was back in the Mighty Max, heading back home. Or, at least what home would be for the next couple months anyway. I was headed to Peepaw’s house.

It had been sitting vacant since July. And, with me at somewhat of a crossroads, the family allowed me to stay there until I figured things out. At this point I had no job, just an idea that I’d be applying for grad school soon.

Once I finished the 99 ½ mile trip, I unpacked my stuff and began to think about employment. I opened up the classifieds and began to look. I wasn’t looking too long when my phone rang. It was my dad. He wanted to let me know there were two job opportunities I could take advantage of for the summer if I was interested. One was an offshore job as a galley hand on a dive boat for the company he worked for. Another was as wait staff at a restaurant of someone he knew.

I had never waited tables before, but the idea of working offshore wasn’t an idea I was particularly looking forward to either. I asked for the number for the restaurant. Within 24 hours I had a job.

A week or so later I got a text message from Molly. She was planning on visiting her friend Shelly, who was also a UL Chi Alpha student and who also happened to live in Houma. She wanted to know if I would be available to hang out with them at some point.

Molly and Shelly

Later that week, I met Molly and Shelly at Zack’s Frozen Yogurt. Shelly, apparently, loved this place. It was Molly’s first time and I hadn’t been in years.

The yogurt was delicious!

After hanging out and talking for a while, I invited them back to the house to hang out some more, if they would like. They said sure and I then got on the phone to call a few other friends to hang out. Yuta and some others came over. That evening I spent a lot of time talking to Molly. At this point, I was truly beginning to fall for her, and I had a suspicion that she was beginning to fall for me as well.

The next day I was invited, along with the Buckels, to the Rose’s house for dinner. Pastor Walt and Barbara Rose were my pastors at Thibodaux First Assembly. One of the things I was looking forward to coming back to the Houma-Thibodaux area was going back to church at Thibodaux First Assembly. I had attended a few different churches in my time in Lafayette, eventually settling on First Assembly of Lafayette. But it definitely wasn’t the same as my home church in Thibodaux. I was glad to be hanging out with the Roses and Buckels, but honestly my mind was elsewhere. I kept thinking of Molly – of the previous day and of our time together in the last year. I kept wishing she were here, now, hanging out with the Buckels and Roses with me.

Later, I left the Roses and headed back to Peepaw’s house. On the way, my phone rang. It was Molly. When I answered the phone, she simply stated, “We need to talk.” I replied with, nervously, “Yes we do!” I won’t divulge the contents of that conversation – but suffice to say it was a very good conversation. The contents of which this entire story revolves around. Before this conversation, we were simply friends, albeit simply friends who had developed some feelings for each other. However, after the conversation we were something more. That more was not yet defined, and would yet be delayed for several more weeks due to the contents of Part 14.


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