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Over the years, I've written many things down. Some are short stories, others are various rants and ramblings, some are written in the form of "mass emails." I also have a few essays and other things I'd like to share. Some things here are pretty silly and riddled with spelling errors. These I mostly put together during high school and/or college. As time permits, I try to go through, edit, and update them. Others are, I believe, a bit more thoughtful and humorous. I'm more proud of the thoughtful, but a bit nostaligic for the silly, which is why both are posted here.

A disclaimer: most of what you read here is, indeed, (mostly) fiction. I do, however, tend to be a lazy writer and tend to use the names and exaggerated characteristics of people I've interacted with over the years. Please don't sue me.

Short Stories:

Much Awaited Silence
An Argument for American Literature


Thoughts of Higher Education Part One
Thoughts of Higher Education Part Two

Email Archive:

A Naturalist Defense of the English Major


A Plane Ride to Kilimanjaro - Redemption or Tragedy?
The Great American Writer
Book Review on Jonathan Edwards and the American Experience
Book Review for An All-Consuming Century: Why Commercialism Won in Modern America
Kyoto's Transportation System (aka, Manning learns some culture)

Research Papers:

Euclid, Smart Growth, and the Need to Think Regionally
Challenges and Solutions in Freight Planning
Laurel Valley Sugar Plantation as an Example of Southern American Colonialism